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We offer: 
Chrome sofa, hairpin, coffee table, and furniture legs 
Brushed satin furniture legs 
4",5",6" 7" 10" metal furniture legs 
Acrylic sofa, furniture, and chair legs 
Lucite furniture legs 
Metal coffee table legs 
Metal table legs 
Sofa legs chrome table legs 
Brass furniture, table, and hairpin legs 
Couch and sofa legs 
Square, hairpin, and round metal table legs 
Gold sofa legs 

Whether you are a manufacturer looking for the highest quality components or a furniture dealer or individual seeking the best replacement parts, we have you covered for the best and most complete selection of metal and wooden furniture legs. We are Alpha Furnishings, Inc., and we have been serving clients and customers for many years now with the very in furniture legs. Our selection is second to none. Our quality is unbeatable, and our prices are the very best that you will find for furniture legs in High Point, NC. Here are some of the products we carry and the services we provide. You will find more detailed information on other pages on the site as well, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about any of our products and services.

  • Table legs - Our table legs, whether metal or wooden, come in a huge range of styles and sizes. They are the perfect fit for almost any type of project or manufacturing requirement you may have
  • Pedestal legs - We stock very high quality pedestal legs for specialized piece requirements. Call us for more information on these pieces.
  • Walnut finish - Are you looking for the very best and most versatile finish around? Our wooden furniture legs in High Point, NC are available in a rich walnut finish created by masterful woodworkers. These add a touch of style and sophistication to all of your furniture pieces.
  • Top quality - Whether metal or wooden, all of our furniture legs are of top quality, and they are all designed by the most masterful craftsmen in the industry.
  • Carved and turned wooden legs - We have a huge array of square wooden legs, and we also stock the industry's most complete selection of carved and turned wooden legs.
  • Cabinets - We have everything you need when it comes to cabinet replacements.
  • Acrylic We offer Acrylic furniture legs, acrylic sofa legs, and acrylic sofa feet.

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